SME Transfer

4th edition

24 & 25 may 2016


Over 200 experts in business transfer will get together in Cologne for the 2016 Transeo European SME Transfer Summit. This is the only event where the whole SME transfer sector has the opportunity to listen to high-quality speakers on the topic of business transfer and more specifically on the importance of emotions and human aspects in the success of business transfers.


Why attend?

  • To reinforce your expertise and knowledge of business transfer by attending plenary sessions with high-level discussions and taking part in technical workshops, featuring keynote speakers, policymakers, field experts and academics
  • To reinforce your international network
  • To take stock of key topics linked to the transfer of SMEs and prepare for the opportunities ahead – and more particularly for this 4th edition, we will focus on the impact of emotions and human aspects on the success of business transfers, a unique opportunity that you will not be able to have at any other event.

Who will attend?

  • Business transfer professionals: M&A advisors, intermediaries, brokers, matching platforms, lawyers, auditors, accountants, chartered accountants, tax consultants, banks, private equity firms, …
  • EU, national and regional decision-makers
  • Institutions active in business transfer including chambers of commerce, economic development agencies, government agencies, …
  • Academic researchers: universities, business schools, research centers, …

About Transeo, the European Association for SME Transfer

Transeo is an international non-profit association (aisbl), set up in December 2010. Transeo gathers the experts (private, institutional and academic) active on transfer (sale/acquisition) of businesses (SMEs). Our association stimulates the exchange of good practices between its Members and the identification of solutions to business transfer problems. Transeo also facilitates cross-border transfers of SMEs. Besides, Transeo works with the European institutions, in particular the EU Commission and is in line with the policy statements of the EU Commission relating to business transfer, namely the Small Business Act & its Review, the Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan and the COSME 2014-2020 programme.