Professor of Finance and Firm Acquisitions, HU Business School,
Transeo Academic Chairman, The Netherlands

Dr. Lex van Teeffelen is Professor and Chair of Finance and Firms Acquisitions at the HU Business School in Utrecht and Visiting Professor of Finance at Antwerp University in Belgium. His research group looks at new ways of financing SMEs (FinTech and Blockchain), improvement of SME governance, growth and SME business transfers and take-overs. Combining his experience in entrepreneurship, management consultancy, education and research, he engages in large (inter)national projects and research programs. In the academic field he acts as Executive Chair of the Dutch Platform of Applied Research on Entrepreneurship and Chair of the Academic Committee of Transeo. In the field of entrepreneurship he supports several FinTech firms as Non-Excecutive Board Member. His research has molded evidence-based business and summer school programs to prepare both students and owner/managers to grow their firms or to become successor or acquire existing SMEs.