Alberto ONETTI

Chairman Mind the Bridge, Coordinator Startup Europe Partnership, Professor University of Insubria, Italy

Forward-looking, dividing his time between Europe and the US, Alberto works on bridging technology to business.

Alberto Onetti is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with core competences in corporate strategy and finance. Among the others, he founded Funambol, Inc., a mobile personal cloud company based in Silicon Valley with R&D and Operations in Europe.

Alberto is Professor of Entrepreneurship and Management at University of Insubria. In 2009 he has been appointed as Chairman of the Californian Mind the Bridge , its mission is to inspire, educate and stimulate a new generation of young entrepreneurs and create startups inspired by the methods and successes achieved in the Silicon Valley.

Since 2014 Alberto has been selected by European Commission to help drive the Startup Europe Partnership (SEP), the first integrated open innovation platform to support growth and sustainability of European companies.

Alberto Onetti has authored and co-authored insofar over 100 publications, regularly blogs and writes for some important newspapers, and frequently tweets (@aonetti).

 Alberto is also invited keynote and panellist at main Conference and Forums (among the others: LeWeb, 4Y4N,  IBA European StartUp Conference, SME Assembly, European Innovation Day, Merger Integration Management Forum, Net Futures, Global Entrepreneurship Congress, SVC2UK, Digital Action Day, European Makers Fair, …).