Technical Director Luxcontrol, Luxembourg

Patrick Charbonnier has been dealing with environmental issues on potentially polluted sites and former industrial sites since early 90’s after having got his PhD on physico-chemistry matters on lubricants used in cold rolling mill with Pechiney (Rio Tinto nowadays) and University of Lorraine.

He then has been specializing in hydrogeology, environmental impact assessment, soil and groundwater investigations, EHS audits and risk assessments, contaminated land remediation, contaminant transport modelling.

Patrick worked as a lecturer for INPL (institut national polytechnique de Lorraine) (90-92), then was hired by Usinor in its research center lab to deal with environmental matters (92-95). He joined the French Geological Survey (Brgm) (95-2003) and then came back to ArcelorMittal (2003-2017) and is part of Luxcontrol since july 17. He is in charge of Environmental and Laboratory service.

His core business has been always soil, subsoil, groundwater and waste management. He was involved in French reguloratory framework design on potentially polluted sites and waste management, and  was part of EU WGs on such matter.

Patrick is working as client assistant since a long time for due diligence audit during acquisition/selling processes of industrial former sites and companies (especially AM in different countries) and for EHS compliance audits. For many years, he managed with evaluation of risk studies and rehabilitation costs assessment, related financial reserves management,  related specific environmental clauses in Memoranda of Understanding and associated discussions with the relevant authorities in different countries.