Stéphane MUGUET

Head of Soil and EHS Department, Associate, Almadius, Belgium/France

Stéphane Muguet is a Civil Engineering Geologist of 17 years’ experience, specializing in EHS audits and risk assessments, hydrogeology, environmental impact assessment, soil and groundwater investigations, contaminated land remediation, contaminant transport modelling.

Stéphane worked for MWH (2007-2011), URS Belgium and Italy (2002-2007) and ECOFOX and CSD Geocklock, Sao Paulo, Brazil (2001-2002). Stéphane is approved modeler in the Flemish Region and works as hydrogeologist expert for the Walloon authorities.

Stéphane has worked as lead auditor for due diligence audit during major acquisitions of industrial companies and for EHS compliance audit of several multinational companies (MNC). Stephane has worked as well as an engineer and project manager for projects of high technical expertise, including the completion of technical design and numerical modeling, the establishment of pilot and feasibility study, evaluation of risk studies and rehabilitation costs associated discussions with the relevant authorities.